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Jan Aminoff 1937-2022

Jan Aminoff, the creator of Rart and this web site, passed away on May 15, 2022. In his last will and testament dated 2010, he wrote

In any case I do not care for stones or inscriptions. The most permanent marker would be in the form of the RART pages on the Internet. The Rart trademark and the domain registration should be maintained in perpetuity!
The rest of this page remains as he left it at his death.

Uploaded to www.rart.com/index 2023-03-25
with the principal addition of the Tutorial dedicated to Eleanor born 2007-03-25



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This is the Rart Home page, enjoy the exploration!

Rart is a new art form. It uses Java for platform independence and uses the Internet for demonstration and distribution. We call a work of Rart a Rart universe. An Observer of Rart uses a computer screen as a window onto the ever-changing, never-repeating Rart universe. The creator of a Rart universe we call a Rartist.

Rart Gallery - Rart universes, viewable in most browsers.

Principles of Rart - For the interested browser and potential Rartists. 

Java and Rart - Introductory Overwiew

Tutorial - Enabling the creation and execution of Rart Universes using the early JDK 1.1.8

The Rart Software Structure - For persons interested in the Java implementation of Rart

Various Rart related documents - Under revision January 2014

Java is a trademark of Oracle

The concept of Rart® was developed and trademarked by Jan Aminoff reachable through

jan AT rart.com

Askim, Sweden