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Beta Test Gallery

In late 1999 and early 2000, two original Rart universes were submitted as part of the effort to iron out bugs in the RDK through beta testing.

The HYPERCUBE Universe, David Hendricks, 1999

In this intriguing universe, the picture is generated as the two-dimensional projection of the three-dimensional projection of a four-dimensional cube rotating slowly. The randomness comes from the random switching of perspective in three dimensions every ten seconds. It sure makes me feel like a Flatlander.

We have elected to run this universe in the RR10 environment allowing the exploration of the uParameters. In this case it will take a while for the first download since RR10 consists of about 52 KB of compiled Java code. As we have pointed out before, RR10 uses the JDK 1.0.2 event model and is somewhat less responsive than the later event model. In any case, in order to explore different parameter values, you should press the mouse button for longer than a second. The rartrunner should then offer you a simple (JDK 1.0.2) dialog box "Select Action" where you can elect to "Change Parameters". (Note: In this unmodified RR10 version, your selection of any other than the "Change Parameter" Button or "Cancel" makes no sense. A modified RR10 might bypass the Select Action dialog box altogether.)

See the HyperCube Universe

The LIGHTNING Universe, David Hendriks, 2000

This universe is based on work by Andrew Glassner who has a standing column in the bimonthly IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications where he has described the "Digital Ceraunoscope: Synthetic Thunder and Lightning" (Volumes March/April and May/June 2000) See also Andrew Glassner's website.. The universe displayed here is version 1.0 which offers credible graphics as well as sound in the form of replay of an au-file after a delay that is appropriate to the distance from the observer to the lightning strike. We really like the way the strike grows from cloud to ground actually seeking out towers when about to strike nearby.

Version 1.0 beta of JDK does not support sound so this universe is run in a modified RR10 environment. It is clear that the temporary modification made by Hendricks will have to be incorporated in some form in the next release of RDK.

See the Lightning Universe (800 x 600) or Lightning Universe (540 x 480)

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