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Rart® Gallery

Recent universes running in the most recent applet environment can be seen here:  Sample Universes.

We show the revised (2011) Monds series of universes  Monds Universes. The purpose of this major programming effort was twofold, to show how the Rart System could be used for advanced animation and for what I think of as a meaningfull comment on the works of Piet Mondrian. This is elaborated in an index: The Monds Index

The results of a first course which thought Rart as part of an introductory Java course at the Northern Virginia Community College, in 1999.  NVCC Gallery 

To show the potential for personalized greeting cards we show holiday cards 1998 - 2010. Holiday Cards

We are also showing some of the entries of an early, 1998 - 2000, beta test. Beta Test Universes

NOTE: Occasionally, when using MS Internet Explorer, you will not see the universe execute, but you will get the gray applet window. In this case you first have to make sure that you closed any other universe before you opened a new one. Once this is the case, you can usually just hit the Refresh button to get the universe started.

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