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Holiday Cards

Since before Java, Jan Aminoff and A-Square have used Rart to provide holiday greetings for the Yule Season and the New Year.

On this site we post some cards as they appeared for some specific recipients. Each electronic card was actually personalized in various ways and we have selected a version that happened to be available.

Yule 1998, Flakes for Stefan and Talat

This card is demonstrated in an early version of the R10L environment. It is directed to my brother Stefan and his family which includes married daughters and grandchildren. It shows a variation of the Flakes universe.

Yule 1999, Flakes for Liane and Kids

This card basically uses RDK 1.0 beta as released in July 1999. Here it is demonstrated in R10L, but it was successfully executed also in RR11 to produce hard copy cards for some recipients. It is directed to my sister-in-law Liane and my five nephews and one niece. They live in Sweden, so some of the greetings are necessarily in Swedish.

Yule 2000, Flakes with Trees for Rartists

This card shows a stylized landscape of trees topped with stars, flakes. The card executes in the RR10 environment where a long mouse click will allow the user to change any uParameters.

This card was personalized for some of the rartists of the time, i.e. students of the Northern Virginia Community College. .

Yule 2001, Flakes Falling

This card is running in the new RDK 2.0 environment. This means that it requires a Java 1.1 enabled browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 4.5 or better). It also allows packaging of classes in jar files resulting in significantly faster downloads. RDK 2.0 also allows the import of customized resources exemplified in this applet by two text files that customize the greeting. Instructions for customizing are also provided here.

This card executes in the new RRlet environment (Equivalent to RR10) where a long mouse click will allow the user to change any uParameters.

The card is here personalized for the National Capital Area Council of IEEE where I had the honor to serve as secretary for 2002.

Yule 2002, more Flakes Falling

Although the card looks like Flakes Falling above, significant changes have been made. For one thing it allows the personalization of the greeting in four lines of text which can be input outside the Java code.

The card is personalized for Alexander and Jenise, my son and his wife, who then provided a roof over my head and also host these web pages at www.basespase.net

Yule 2003, more Flakes Falling

This was a year of transition and I had started to change things, so little happened with the card, except that some of the flakes now rotate in addition to falling. The greeting is generic but easily modified.

Yule 2004, Flakes falling in front of the UU Church of Rockport

My joining the Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport was a significant and unexpected step in my life. I was pleased to use my general Rart capability to include in the Universe a background photo of the actual UU Church. The zipped file almost doubled compared to 2003, because of the picture from 43 to 84 KB, which just requires a little more patience on behalf of the observer.

The card is dedicated to Alexander and Jenise and the new person, my granddaughter Annelise, born February 6, 2004.

Yule 2005, Flakes falling in front of the Church at Askim, Sweden

NewYear 2005, Invitation to NewYears party in Askim

In the beginning of 2005, I returned to Sweden. The card is dedicated to the Team that worked on the Södra Älvstranden project in Gothenburg, fall of 2005.

Yule 2006, Just Flakes Falling
Simple cards with About Text in English.

Christmas 2010, Flakes for the families of Helen's Children

This card, running under RRlet 2.5, opens a separate applet window. This is where the observer after having closed the window has to hit the browser back button to continue browsing.

Christmas 2011,   For Helen's Children

Christmas 2013,  Generic kind of card

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