Uploaded to www.rart.com/Gallery/Monds20112go/Monds_Demo2go   May, 2011

Introduction to the Monds_Demo

Display Universes and Text Universes

The Monds_Demo shows a series of Rart universes related to Mondrian. There are regular Rart universes, display universes, that explore the visual elements that Mondrian used with the added dimension of animation. There are five universes that start out as approximations of existing works by Mondrian, but proceed to transform themselves through animations appropriate to the original. All display universes are preceded by text universes, that is, a universe with text that describe relevant details regarding the upcoming display universe. As always with Rart universes on the Internet, a long mouse click will initiate a dialog, which allow you to modify the currently running universe by selecting from rartist provided parameters.

This version of the Monds_Demo uses a very old version of the executing software, the rartrunners. When you change the browser window, the size of the applet window will not automatically change. If you wish to change the size of the applet window, that is the window to the display and the text universes, you need to change the invoking applet tag which not everybody can do. The default applet size is 1000 x 550 pixels. Also, the selection of parameters to modify is not through a pop up menu but through an intermediate dialog box.

Parameters for Display Universes

Most of the display universe parameters are given random values selected from the allowed range on startup. However, with a long mouse click you may start a dialog to explore other parameter values. For example, almost all universes have a 'Moving Mode' parameter which determines how the horizontal and vertical lines move.

Parameters for Text Universes

All text universes provide access to the same parameters which for the text universes are about the automatic sequencing of universes in the Demo itself. Normally, the display universes are shown in a certain (logical?) order. With the parameter 'Display Mode' you can set the next universe to be shown either as the 'Next' universe (default), the 'Previous' universe, or to be 'Random'. The value of the parameter is permanently altered. With the parameter 'Select Universe', you can through a submenu select the next text/display universe combination to be shown.

Timing of the Demo

Each universe, weather a text universe or a display universe, is given a time that is selected at the time of start of the showing of the demo. Normally you can, in most browsers, see the remaining seconds until the next universe is initiated in the applet status. If you feel you wish to speed up the process, a short mouse click will do just that, immediately causing the next universe to be displayed.

The text universes normally display for 20 seconds. This may not be enough for the really interested observer so I have in the text universe menu introduced a parameter"Displaytime for text" which is used to vary the displaytime for all text universes from 0 to 70 seconds.

Status of the Monds Demo May 2011

After considerable work I have decided to give up on refining this version of the Monds Demo and uploaded it in its present less than perfect form. The imperfections are the following:


The Monds_Demo class extends an older version of the rartrunner RRlet which does not allow selecting parameters by pop up menu, but uses the very old selectAction dialog. In addition the observer may not change window size in the common browsers. This means that the observer who wants to must change applet size in the invoking HTML which otherwise gives a default applet size of 1000 x 550.


The following bugs, which I have not been able to correct in spite of some efforts are not serious but annoying:

Monds_5: When starting up the universe for the first time in the demo (but not in the direct startup) the color lines insist on moving slowly laterally instead of standing still. The value of the static integer for color line moving mode in the class ColorLine should be 0, for NOMOVE, but is actually 1, MOVESLOW. I have no idea why.

Monds_ColorSqs: Intermittently, but never on the first execution, the lines, which are supposed to appear as limiting the color rectangles, become displaced. The effect is not displeasing but was not intended. I believe this bug has to do with a failure in adapting lines or squares to a modification of the upper left coordinates of the universe.

Monds_1 and Monds_2: If you change cycle time the picture freezes. The workaround: Change the Moving Mode to anything but Cycle and then back to Cycle.

Monds_Demo. Initially, for some reason, the cycle time is not set. Has no effect as far as I can see.

Click Here to Start the Monds Demo

You may also individually execute the five display universes that are inspired by Mondrian originals:

See Monds_1 after Painting 1, 1926 and Composition 1, 1930
See Monds_2 after Composition with Blue and Yellow, 1932
See Monds_3 after Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue, 1935 - 1942
See Monds_4 after Place de la Concorde, 1938 - 1943
See Monds_5 after Broadway Boogie-Woogie, 1942 -1943

A note on the Monds_Demo.

As shown on the Internet, the Monds Demo has a fixed size as given in the startup HTML document. Any Rart universe is, in fact, scalable, which means that it can run bigger or smaller as more or less space is given to it. Also on the Internet, for the Monds_Demo, the selection of a parameter to modify is somewhat awkward, requiring an extra dialog box. This is due to the fact that the Rart Internet execution environment for the Monds_Demo is an older rartrunner, which turned out to be difficult to uppgrade. To see the full range of Rart universe possibilities, you should execute Rart as an application which requires the purchase of the Rart CD from www.rart.com.

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