Introduction to Java - A tutorial developed for IEEE may serve as a good introduction to Java as well as an introduction to Rart. It was first offered October 2000 and has been expanded to include a series of exercises that provide step by step learning without requiring other materials than those available free on the Internet. Is being updated.

JICC7, Rart Presentation - At the Java and the Internet in the Computing Curriculum conference, January 2003 in London, a paper on Rart was presented and a general demonstration was made. The material is available here.

Things No Longer at Good Harbor Beach - This non computer Random Art project was fun. Perhaps we can inspire repeat on other beaches.


The Rart Development Kit, RDK 2.0

A set of Java classes are used to develop and execute a Rart universe. The set is collectively denoted the Rart Development Kit or RDK. RDK includes aids for the development of a Rart universe and the classes that allow execution of a Rart universe as an applet as well as an application, in the latter case with added functionality. The Release Notes include the usual information about software releases.

We will be pleased to send you the latest RDK in the form of a zip file attachment to an e-mail. Please send us a request at A-Square. with your name, and your e-mail address. In your request we also would like to have some indication that you are a serious Java programmer with a genuine desire to contribute to the development of Rart.

RDK 1.0 beta works on this website to demonstrate early universes, but is otherwise retired.

J2ME-Presentation - how to port Rart to J2ME!

J2ME Development Status

We now have a beta version of Rart ME, where ME stands for Micro Edition. For those interested to check it out we would like an email with particulars. The status is that we have versions of the Lines and the Flakes universes running. The Rart Runner and the universes were developed using J2MEWTK version 1.0.2 and tested under version 1.0.3 beta. Eggs will be more of a challenge since XOR mode of painting is not supported in the Micro edition MID profile. We are looking forward to opportunities with wireless devices!